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Mendham Basketball is excited to announce that the POOL is OPEN!

by posted 03/13/2017

This tourney pool is for KIDS only.  All members of the 2016/2017 program are eligible to play.  Keep reading for rules and deadlines:

  • Kids only please!  While parents may need to help open or access the pool, the selections belong to the players.  We encourage you to help them as needed, but ultimately, this pool is for them.
  • ALL PLAYERS are invited!  Whether you played CLINIC, TRANSITION, REC, TRAVEL, jump on in and make your picks!
  • Each player can complete up to 3 brackets.
  • Points are as noted per round, plus UPSET points. (UPSET POINTS = if you pick a lower seed, and they win, you get the difference in seeds added to your score)
  • Please enter your grade in parentheses after your last name, so that we can sort for winners by grade, as well as overall.  Example:  John Smith (3)
​We are playing for fun, and for bragging rights!  Travel vs. Rec, Grade vs. Grade, Township vs. Boro! 


Click below to join, and start making your selections!  (Password = Mendham)



Questions? email us at 

by posted 03/13/2017